Velvet Grip Company started as a Uni project in 2016 by twin brothers Tim and Mitch. Heres a little info on whats going on. 

So, a few years back, front pads were pretty trendy and it was impossible to find one here in New Zealand (as we are about 10 years behind the rest of the world). Anyway somehow between beer's we made it happen and dropped a front and tail pad.

Then shit! it just took off.. now we are rich.. Nah but people did enjoy the luxury traction we provided and wanted another slice of the Velvet cake. So we made more. And then a few more and some tee's and hats and a few more. Now here we are today. 

As you can probably tell we are a low budget operation and do pretty much everything ourselves, so thank you to those who buy our gear! Appreciate it very much. We know who you are. And remember kids, big corporate surf companies aren't cool anymore.

We hope Velvet can change the way you surf forever.