Monday Morning Deliveries

Monday Morning Deliveries


If your lucky we might even deliver to your door. Lucky for this customer the boys (Mitch & Griff) were up in the big smoke for the weekend deleting beers, trying to skate, visiting Tim and surfing out west (or checking it any way). Such a big drive from the city to get there and its 8ft  after been woken up at 4.30am by a call from Griff saying its cooking....

In the end Craig got his fresh grips so at least he was stoked. 

Moral of the story never trust the grom.

YONDO - Jonas in a recent trip to Indo

Camera work and editing by @camneate 

Welcome Jordan Griffin!

photo by @george_vbd

Jonas is the new U18 NZ national champ!

Photo by Cory / NZ Surfing Magazine and @billylee_pope


Tom Butterworth from over the ditch putting his pads to good use!

Photos by @simonanderson1