0800 from Velvet Grip Co on Vimeo.

Surfing by Robbie Pugh

Super 8 footage - Ryan Scott

Edit - Tim Broadhurst



Joyride from Jarrod Saville on Vimeo.


 Jarrod Saville took a day off the tools and went on a little trip with the breathers (Jonas & Jordan) and created this sick little edit! Niceee one Jarrod. We are stoked.  


M.O.T.H from Velvet Grip Co on Vimeo.


MOTH features team riders Jonas, Jordan and Luke surfing on the West Coast of NZ. Filmed and Edited by Tim & Mitch. 

Monday Morning Deliveries

Monday Morning Deliveries


If your lucky we might even deliver to your door. Lucky for this customer the boys (Mitch & Griff) were up in the big smoke for the weekend deleting beers, trying to skate, visiting Tim and surfing out west (or checking it any way). Such a big drive from the city to get there and its 8ft  after been woken up at 4.30am by a call from Griff saying its cooking....

In the end Craig got his fresh grips so at least he was stoked. 

Moral of the story never trust the grom.

YONDO - Jonas in a recent trip to Indo

Camera work and editing by @camneate